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Cut Costs. Save Time. Avoid Hassle.


ErectaRack’s pre-engineered, modular pipe rack systems enable fast, cost-effective construction of pipe racks for a variety of industries.


From the design process to assembly, ErectaRack will work hand-in-hand to provide you a high-quality and low-cost pipe rack system, in no time at all. When we designed our pipe rack systems, we placed user efficiency in the forefront of our minds. The end result was a high quality, versatile unit, serving industries including: energy, oil, natural gas, industrial, commercial or military applications, and many more.


ErectaRack provides the option to:

  • Save time and costs by choosing a pre-engineered, modular unit.
  • Apply your unit to a variety of industries by interchanging our four precision-manufactured models.
  • Choose between two and three level designs for all four models.
  • Avoid costly and time consuming extra welds with our advanced, laser cutting construction process.

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Recent Projects

Recent Projects